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Need a New Vehicle in Billerica, MA? Here’s Why You Should Look for Car Loans

As long as you rely on a car for transportation, you’ll eventually need to go shopping for a vehicle. When you’re in the market for a new car in Billerica, MA, you can either pay with cash, lease, or look for car loans so you can buy the vehicle you need. Many shoppers don’t have the financial freedom to buy the car outright with cash. If this sounds like you, that leaves you with the choices of leasing or buying. While leasing may intrigue you, it has some drawbacks. The more you understand about buying a car with the help of a loan, the more sense it may make to you to go this route.

You Don’t Need Excellent Credit

If you come to the Billerica, MA, dealership with a stellar credit score, you can get can get a good interest rate on a loan. However, if your score is on the average side, you don’t need to give up hope that you can qualify for the ideal vehicle. Unlike leases, which require high credit scores, you can qualify for a loan even if you have mediocre credit. The dealership finance team has more flexibility with loans than it does with leases. 

You Won’t Pay Forever

One of the biggest advantages of car loans over leasing is that the time will come when you won’t have to make any monthly payments. After you’ve paid off your loan, you’ll own the car free and clear. This is a good feeling, and it can save you significant money over the years. On the other hand, if you continually lease, you’ll always have to worry about making a monthly payment. 

More Flexibility

How would you like someone else to tell you how many miles you can drive each year? This is what happens when you lease your vehicle. With a lease, the Billerica, MA, dealer will place a cap on your annual mileage. With loans, however, you have no mileage restrictions. You can also modify your car as you see fit, which you can’t do when you lease. 

Pay It off and Do What You Want with It

Another advantage to paying off car loans is that once you own the car outright, you can sell it and pocket the cash if you wish. On the other hand, it’s not easy to get out of a lease early. 

Stop by Boch Honda West today and talk to the finance specialists about car loans. The team can set you up with the ideal financing to help you get the car you need to drive in Billerica, MA. 


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