Honda CR-V Burlington, MA

Should You Get a New or Used Honda CR-V in Burlington, MA?

If you’re like most people, you probably rely on a car to get you around from place to place each day. Whether it’s to and from work or school or you’ve got a list of chores and tasks to perform each day, you need a dependable car to safely transport you in a timely manner. When you’re ready to buy a car, you have a lot to think about. One important question is whether you should purchase a brand-new Honda CR-V in Burlington, MA, or used one. Depending on your situation and your needs, either choice could be a good one. It’s helpful to understand the pros and cons of each option.

Pros to Buying New

Who doesn’t like owning and using something brand-new that no one else has ever touched? It’s a good feeling to drive a Honda CR-V that you know that has immaculately functioning systems and parts. Other than routine maintenance, you shouldn’t have to worry about servicing your new car for a while. Another advantage to having a new car is that the factory warranty will cover the car from bumper to bumper so that if there are any issues, you won’t have to fork out the cash to fix them. 

Cons to Buying New 

It’s not all roses when you get a new car. First, the second you drive away from the dealership to your home in Burlington, MA, the new car will start to lose value. New cars depreciate faster than old ones. Of course, new cars are a bigger financial commitment, as well, so you need to make sure your money situation is in good order if you plan on getting a new CR-V.

Pros to Buying Used 

While a used car isn’t as appealing as a new one, it’s not all negative to have something another person has owned. A used Honda CR-V won’t cost you as much upfront or per month, so if money is a concern, used is a good option. Your used car also won’t depreciate as quickly, so it’s a decent long-term investment, especially if you take good care of the car.

Cons to Buying Used

You won’t have the same reliability when driving in Burlington, MA, with a used car. Plus, your used car may not have a warranty. 

Boch Honda West has a good selection of used and new cars, including the Honda CR-V. The staff will help you choose the right car for your needs in Burlington, MA. 


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