Honda CR-V Burlington, MA

What You’ll Love About Owning a Honda CR-V in Burlington, MA

Choosing the right vehicle for your lifestyle needs isn’t always easy. You need to consider your current situation, financial status, future goals, and what features you want most. If you decided that an SUV suits you best, look no further than a Honda CR-V in Burlington, MA. There’s so much to like about this vehicle; it’s difficult to know where to start. SUVs are among the most popular vehicles on the road, and the CR-V won’t disappoint you.

Several Models to Choose From

If you like having options in your car-buying experience, wait until you check out the possibilities the Honda CR-V gives you. The 2018 models come in multiple trims, each with tremendous features and available upgrades. You can choose from the following: EX-L, Touring, LX, and EX. What’s more, these also come in two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive options. 

Fuel Efficiency

While SUVs aren’t at the top of the list when it comes to good gas mileage, you can get far on a single tank of gas while driving this vehicle in Burlington, MA. Some CR-V models get 33 miles per gallon on the freeway and 27 miles per gallon on city roads: That’s a combined 29 miles per gallon. Plus, its 14-gallon tank will let you go more than 460 miles on the freeway before you need to stop at the gas station for a fill-up. You can also drive in city traffic for 378 miles before stopping for fuel. 

Cargo Space

Many people who own SUVs enjoy hitting the road for long trips and adventure. If you plan on doing this, you’ll appreciate the room you’ll have in the Honda CR-V for all your gear and supplies. You’ll have 75.8 cubic feet of cargo volume to seat one, 39.2 cubic feet of volume to seat two, and that same amount of cargo space to seat three. 

Interior Room

Now you know you’ll have space for your belongings, but the CR-V also won’t cramp you as you ride in Burlington, MA. This five-passenger vehicle has a passenger volume of 102.9 cubic feet. In the front seats, you’ll have 38 inches of headroom and 41.3 inches of legroom. In the second row, passengers will have 39.1 inches of headroom and 40.4 inches of legroom. 

If you’re still not sure whether the Honda CR-V is the right car for you to drive in Burlington, MA, come to Boch Honda West today and test drive one. 


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